InDesign 101

Basics for Beginners

What's included?

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Welcome & Orientation
Welcome to InDesign 101 for Beginners
How To Use This Course
Course Cats to Thinkific Migration
Lesson 1 | Purchase Decisions
Welcome to the FREE 5-Day InDesign Mini-Course For Beginners
InDesign Purchase Decisions
7 mins
Lesson 2 | Workspace & Tools
Setting Up Your Workspace & Tools
10 mins
Lesson 3 | Text
How To Edit Text
10 mins
Lesson 4 | Images
How To Replace Images in Templates & Add In Your Own
9 mins
Lesson 5 | Pages
Understanding Page Layout & Master Pages
6 mins
How To Move Pages
4 mins
InDesign 101 Workbook
856 KB
Templates Used In Lessons
What Next
Additional InDesign Resources from Pretty Fabulous Designs
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